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Nvidia Legacy DDS Utilities
[ · Скачать удаленно (`) ] 06.12.2010, 13:21

Note: If you are looking for texture compression tools, please take a look at our new GPU-Accelerated Texture Tools, which provide a 10x performance boost if you have a GeForce 8 Series GPU.

This installer includes four separate utilities:

  • nvDXT - convenient command-line access to nvDXTlib functionality and more
  • detach - extracts MIP levels from a .DDS file
  • stitch - recombines MIP levels into a single .DDS file
  • readDXT - reads compressed images and writes .TGA files
  • nvDXTlib - library for working with .DDS files 

The latest release includes several improvements:

  • Support for Visual Studio 2005 and 2003 libraries
  • Texture sizes up to 8k by 4K are now supported (previously 2k x 2k was the limit)
  • Support for DXT5_NM (compressed normal maps)
  • The "Fastest” quality mode has been significantly improved
  • Internal calculations are now performed using floating point arithmetic, resulting in higher quality textures. 
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